Knee osteoarthritis is a lifelong condition. While there is no cure, there are many treatment options clinically proven to help successfully manage symptoms over the long run.26

The goals of treatment for knee osteoarthritis are to decrease pain, maintain or improve joint movement, and limit the loss of joint function as long as possible.29

No single therapy works for everybody, and treatments vary in terms of risks, side effects, and how long their benefits last. It’s important to discuss all available options with your doctor. Many doctors will recommend a stepped-care plan for each stage of the disease, an approach that includes a combination of different treatments.29

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Journey with Knee Osteoarthritis

Why choose hyaluronic acid?

Choosing hyaluronic acid as part of your osteoarthritis treatment plan offers many benefits: long-lasting pain relief, improved joint mobility, and proven protection that can limit the loss of joint function as long as possible.11,15,20

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In addition to hyaluronic acid injection therapies, there are multiple treatment options for knee osteoarthritis that also may be right for you:

Physical Activity
Weight Management
Oral Pain and Anti-inflammatory Medications
Injection Therapies
Physical Therapy
Assistive Devices
Knee Joint Replacement Surgery