US veterans and active-duty military deserve the best medical treatments available. DUROLANE for knee OA pain can be part of that solution.

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A single-injection hyaluronic acid (HA) therapy for knee osteoarthritis, DUROLANE offers important benefits for treatment of knee OA pain.


Longer-Lasting Knee Pain Relief vs. Steroid11
In a Level 1 study, DUROLANE was proven to be noninferior to steroid at 6 weeks.11

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Designed as a Single-Injection Therapy With Unique Stabilizing Technology10

DUROLANE is stabilized using a carefully controlled cross-linking process with greater resistance to degradation, which increases the intra-articular residence time compared to other HA preparations.

Convenience Without Compromise

DUROLANE is the only FDA approved single-injection HA proven to be equivalent to a five-injection therapy.24,13

In a Level 1 study, one injection of DUROLANE produced pain reduction at 6 months that was noninferior to the relief achieved with five injections of the comparator HA.24

And one injection means only one doctor’s visit.

Endurance by Design

DUROLANE has a half-life of approximately 4 weeks in a human knee joint with a single-injection treatment regimen―as well as the longest reported half-life of any leading HA.†32-35

Disclaimer: Animal performance may not be predictive of performance in humans

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†Preclinical residence time has not been correlated with the duration of clinical effect.